You want to offer the best services to your customers at a reasonable price? You can meet that goal when working with a specialist in business valuation, and your customers will greatly appreciate it.

Experts at SME Business Appraisers are there to help you.

Most frequent mandates done for professional accountants

Our valuation services are generally requested in the following situations:

  • Separation or divorce of a business owner or of a self-employed worker
  • Sale, merger or acquisition of a business in part or in total
  • Business succession planning
  • Transfer of a family business to the next generation
  • Tax Reorganization
  • Dispute between shareholders or owners
  • Damage quantification

You would like to be able to count on a business valuation expert for your accounting office?

SME Business Appraisers has service agreements with several accounting offices.

You could become a business partner of SME Business Appraisers and have access to a CBV when needed. Call us to talk about it.

Jean-Claude Desnoyers, CA, CBV, Certified Mediator, President of SME Business Appraisers

Jean-Claude Desnoyers is one of the few chartered accountants in Outaouais-Québec to hold the title of Chartered Business Valuator. In 2010, he received the Prix CA Émérite Outaouais from the Regroupement des comptables agréés de l’Outaouais. This prize is awarded each year to a CA in Outaouais for his or her outstanding work performance, contribution to the profession and involvement in the community.

As you know, business valuation is highly specialized. Mr. Desnoyers is a true specialist in the field, having determined the fair market value of more than 1000 businesses. He fully understands how important your relationship with a client is. In his experience, an accountant who requests the services of a specialist to perform a business valuation for a client consolidates his relationship with that client.


Over the past 10 years, Mr. Jean-Claude Desnoyers (now of SME Business Appraisers Inc.) has performed numerous evaluations for my clients for the purposes of reorganizations, share sales, etc. He is an experienced, dedicated professional who, besides being competent and knowledgeable, always completes the job within the time frame requested and at very reasonable prices for the services offered. He is independent, objective, very easy going and always approachable. He is a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend him if you are looking for a reliable first rate Business Appraiser.

R. Schlessinger, Certified General Accountant
Ottawa, Ontario


Jean-Claude (JC) was the Senior Director of business valuation services at Lévesque Marchand S.E.N.C./Welch LLP (LMW) for 9 years.  The market segment targeted by LMW is the small and medium enterprise. JC is familiar with this segment of the market and has developed several services tailored to its particular needs.  JC has determined the fair market value of more than 300 LMW client businesses.  The partners of LMW and their clients have always been fully satisfied with JC’s services.  In carrying out his assignments, JC adapted his work according to the partner’s preference.  Depending on the assignment, JC could obtain the information either through the partner or directly from the client.  When he carried out an assignment for us, JC always demonstrated a high level of professionalism and respect for the relationship between the partner and his/her respective client.  For these reasons, even if JC now operates his own company, LMW will continue to call upon his services for business valuation expertise.  I strongly recommend JC as a chartered business valuator.

Claude Boisvert, Chartered Accountant
Gatineau, Quebec


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