Business owners

If you are like most SME owners, your business or the one you plan to purchase is probably your biggest financial investment. Would you want to know its fair market value before making any decision?

Experts at SME Business Appraisers are there to help you.

How can a Chartered Business Valuator help you?

When working with a CBV, you will get certainty on the fair market value of your business or of the one you plan to purchase.

The valuation results, following a professional approach based on strict professional rules and criteria, will help you make the best possible decisions.

It is highly recommended to call in an expert in business valuation if you are facing any of the following situations:

  • business transfer
  • Redirection of business activities
  • Sale or acquisition of a business
  • Business merger
  • Tax reorganization
  • Financial reorganization or recovery program for re-financing purposes
  • Addition or withdrawal of associates, partners or shareholders
  • Business succession planning
  • Transferring the business to the next generation
  • Differences of opinions or disputes between shareholders
  • Establishing the insurance coverage for purposes of the shareholders or partners agreement
  • Separation or divorce of one of the business owners

No matter the reason, a valuation of your business or of the one you plan to buy will provide information that will help you make any decision required.

Call the experts!

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