Recently, Jean-Philippe Aubé, CA, CPA, partner, has participated in the event Place à la jeunesse in 2012 as the author of a case in the scenario of a competitive business.

The Place à la jeunesse academic competition is an initiative from the University of Ottawa’s Jeux du Commerce (JDC) delegation. The competition was created in 2004 and always takes place in the national capital region. The objective of Place à la jeunesse is to give high school students a taste of the business world as well as to promote post-secondary education in French.

All students who take part in Place à la jeunesse take advantage of an opportunity like no other. Throughout the competition, the students are able to apply the material they learn in classroom as well as refine their problem solving skills. This competition is also a great opportunity for them to perfect their communication and presentation skills. The students also have the chance to interact with university students and to network with professors and professionals from the Ottawa region.

To be part of this event  is a long-term contribution to Ottawa’s Francophone community as well as students and post-secondary institutions in French.

Jean-Philippe Aubé, CPA, CA, partner, is participating to the management of the business, the development and promotion of the business and to the realization of business ownership transfer assignments. Jean-Philippe is presently completing his training to become a chartered business valuator (CBV).