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Our Services

Tax planning and reorganization

  • Incorporation of an existing business
  • Reorganization of the company's share capital in favour of a related party for the purpose of income splitting
  • Transfer of shares from one company to another
  • Cristalize the lifetime capital gains exemption
  • Transfer future business appreciation to a related party

Business Acquisition and Sale

  • Report on the fair market value of a business
  • Recommandations in order to maximise the value of a business while reducing the risk of transfer
  • Negociation
  • Identify and quantify potential synergies
  • Development of an action plan to reach the optimum level
  • Buyers qualification service

Business transfer

  • Report on the fair market value of a business
  • Value for tax reorganisation
  • Establish the optimal transfer structure
  • Mediation service to minimize potential tensions between successor, buyers or employees


  • Report on the fair market value of a business
  • Joint mandate to facilitate the process and reduce costs
  • Damage quantification (insurance claim and breach of contract)
  • Consulting service for shareholder's conflits or divorce
  • Calculating the availible income for spouse and child support payments
  • Provide testimony as an expert witness in court

Services offered with collaborators

  • Maximising the value of a business
  • Forensic accounting
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Personal injury claims
  • Equipment valuation
  • Property valuation
  • Due diligence

About Us


Our goal is to be acknowledged as a leading firm in Quebec and Ontario, specializing in business valuation, by making our expertise more accessible to professionals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Play a key role

Play a key role in business valuation for lawyers, accountants, tax specialists and SMEs in litigation, transfer, tax reorganizations, sale or acquisition of businesses.

Focus on one expertise

Focus my expertise to provide a quick turnaround, a proven methodology and competitive pricing.

Develop parterships

Develop partnerships to facilitate access to expertise in business valuation and related services.


Promote the CPA and CBV professions by offering quality services and by being involved in the community.



Fast quality service






We can make a great team !

Our Team

JC Desnoyers


Prior to founding SME Business Appraisers, JC Desnoyers served as the senior manager of business valuation services at Welch LLP for nine years. He also contributed to the business valuation team at Villeneuve Venne, an accounting firm based in Montreal, and was an active member of the business community.

Alan Horic


Alan Horic is a partner at SME Business Appraisers and holds the position of CEO and Business Strategist at Prosomo Inc. Furthermore, he has founded multiple companies within the technology and web sectors, both in Canada and internationally. His academic credentials include degrees in Management Accounting and Control, Advanced Strategy, and Management Programming, all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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